Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is your foundation for inner peace?

While contemplating A Course in Miracles this morning, a few lines really stood out at me.

"The miracle enables you to see your brother without his past, and so perceive him as born again. His errors are all past, and by perceiving him without them you are releasing him. And since his past is yours, you share in this release. Your past was made in anger, and if you use it to attack the present, you will not see the freedom that the present holds."

I let my imagination go free and tried to overlay this paragraph over my life to see if it would look any different. It's so true that I see people in my life based on their past as we have related to one and other over time. But I really noticed the judgements about these people and it was quite eye opening to see character areas that I was critical of, I was also critical of myself in the same area. The areas in which I enjoyed others, I enjoyed myself as well.

What a miracle it is to see others as they are right now, without the overlay of past mistakes. It really is freeing.

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