Monday, January 26, 2009

Sometimes my best needs a boost

Do you feel like your body just runs out of gas? It's like hitting an invisible time barrier and the body says, Ok, it's nap time. The mind says go, the body says no. An internal argument breaks and the mind says we got work to do, and the body says fine but your doing it without me.

I don't know if you get this way, but when I succumb to an afternoon nap, I wake up so unfocused, scattered, and distant, that sometimes I wonder why I napped in the first place. I am a fan of coffee, and it does the trick to perk me up in the morning but it doesn't help one bit after a nap.

Lisa and I are Independent Distributors for Herbalife and there is an energy drink called Liftoff. I have not been a fan of energy drinks, probably because they weren't available when I was younger. So I am no authority on energy drinks. And, of course, there are refrigerators full of various brands at a grocery store.

I decided to give Liftoff a try. I mean, if you're going to sell something it's nice to know what it does. I don't really enjoy it in the morning, after all, that is my coffee time. After my little afternoon nap, Oh Yeah. It clears out the cobwebs in minutes and I can get back to functioning as a normal human being.

Some of the ingredients that clear the brain is guarana, ginseng, ginko, C and B vitamins, and some caffeine. The vitamins in the formula probably won't replace your One-A-Day multivitamins, but if your diet is lacking some nutrients, vitamins from an energy drink can only help.

I did a little research on the internet about these energy drinks and I'd like to pass along some things that I have gathered. Energy drinks appear to have started with Red Bull. Although, I wonder if a cook on a chuck wagon making coffee for the cowboys on a cattle drive was the originator of the energy drink. What I found interesting in my not very official research was the government was considering a bill to regulate energy drinks. Some drinks were very, or possibly hyper-caffeinated. The caffeine levels are so high in some drinks that they can pose a health hazard.

Anything in our modern world taken to an excess will cause some sort of health problem, so here is just a quick tip on what to watch for in your energy drink. It may sound boring, but reading the label is a good place to start. Next is probably how it makes you feel, such as good or supercharged. Most doctors recommend no more than about 250 mg of caffeine a day. And that caffeine can come from anywhere, coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate or wherever. An average cup of joe is about 80mg give or take a few mg.

Some common sense is useful in all areas of life and it's no different with energy drinks. If your body feels overly excited, jazzed, amped, then perhaps it's time to back off a bit with your drinks. I invite you to drop in our Herbalife store and email me your opinion. Visit

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