Monday, January 5, 2009

Michael Beckwith coming to Denver

Michael Beckwith, the founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, is an incredibly dynamic speaker. He is coming to Denver, Colorado area on Friday January 9 at the Mile Hi Church in Lakewood at 7pm. Michael has been featured in movies such as "The Secret" and "The Moses Code".

Tickets still may be available at

I enjoy hearing various speakers at events such as this. I am having some difficulty with finances and attending events is not even a consideration right now. So I volunteer to help with book sales for authors who promote their books at events such as this Friday featuring Michael Beckwith. I still get to see the authors speak at engagements and it doesn't cost a thing. And I get a good feeling from helping out the staff and answering questions from book buyers.

In this new year we still have carried over many of the problems from the previous year. We need to be the change that we would like to see. Perhaps volunteering for something that you enjoy will bring change into your life that really excites you.

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