Saturday, January 10, 2009

Global Garage Sale

Hey, calling all garage sale lovers! Don't you just enjoy summer sales? The temperature is perfect, great time to clean out your closets or browse other neighbors wares. My mom was always the great bargain hunter at garage sales, estate sales, even thrift stores. I enjoy it also.

But, it's the middle of winter, are you missing one of your favorite past times?

Well, I've got something new with you in mind. I have started a new web store and on the website, anyone can post their things that they no longer need. Consider it the worlds largest garage sale. Do you make crafts or artwork? Put it on my store! Do you have things collecting dust? Put it on my store! Do you work with a dropshipper? You guessed it, put it on my store!
And of course you make the money when it sells. Click Here to visit the global garage sale!

I am an affiliate with SFI, a company in Lincoln Nebraska that has a global reach in over 200 countries. So I invite you to drop in and browse or post your unwanted items. If you would like to have a store like this of your very own, becoming an affiliate is easy, and free. Click Here to become an affiliate.

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