Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do you have a home business also?

Are you finding it a struggle to keep up financially? I find myself in that same situation. So I keep my options open, by trying to pick up some sideline work or by affiliate programs on the internet.

The internet is such a great place to set up a business. It seems everywhere there are outrageous claims of making buckets of money with little effort, and equally there are claims of everything on the internet being a scam. It would be nice to have a little balance here.

And having a business that has real goods that can be run from home has its own challenges. I pick up some sideline work fixing things for people.

Being a simple guy with no college degrees and no marketing skills, I look elsewhere to find ideas to make my home businesses successful. I found a website, Internation Association of Business Entreprenuers, and it is has a wealth of information. Not just for internet websites, either, but for services or retail / resale shops that you can run from home.

IAHBE has some freebies which is great for members. Free book of the month, free software downloads, audio seminars, video how to's, and lots more.

I really enjoy the audios. I have taken seminars, and found that I am terrible at taking notes. I remember what my notes mean immediately following the seminar, yet several days or weeks go by and I'm quite hazy about what I meant. So being able to listen again has been a real treat.

If you could use some help and advice from successful entreprenuers, IAHBE is definately worth a look. It is a membership site with the first month for free. Check it out, it just might be the catalyst toward your success.

Good luck in your business ventures.

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