Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Questions surrounding a miscarriage

I would like to open this blog post up to all of your comments and suggestions. I'm sure there have been times in your life where you have felt very limited, both in your ability to change or control a situation and at the same time limited in a good philosophical perspective.

Lisa's daughter, a bright and beautiful 20 year old, was looking forward to not having a drink on her 21st birthday because she was expecting to deliver her first baby in August. That changed yesterday when the doctor informed her that she had miscarried her baby. The depths of her hurt feelings can't be expressed in words, yet her face and tears tells the story.

Lisa had several miscarriages before she had 3 wonderful children, and upon hearing that her daughter had followed in her footsteps caused Lisa to leave work immediately and brought a flood of feelings from so long ago. It was good for mom and daughter to be together last night.

If you feel so moved, I would appreciate any comments that you have regarding things that have helped you to cope, lessons you have learned, your frustrations and guilt, and how you have changed through the years because of such a loss.

Thank you.

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