Sunday, March 1, 2009

How your ideas make you money

I am absolutely confident, that in this economy, you can make money. I am so confident in you, that I am here to let you know the world needs you.

It seems many of us have lost our entrepreneurial passions and sold our souls to a corporation. Yet, not many corporations are taking care of us, are they? I'm not much of a historian, but I think the first European families that landed in America, faced quite a challenge economically. There wasn't a Walmart around then nor was there a job to be found in the land. To survive, they relied on each other.

Who is relying on you? Who are you relying on? When you take inventory of your personal skills, or better yet, let somebody close to you take inventory of your skills, you will find that you are actually confined and limited by your job. If you allow your talent to flow, what need can you fill? Who can benefit by your abilities? How much is your time worth? When you bring value into some one's life, they bring money into your life. We are so much more connected than we will ever know.

Silly example from my life. I have a scroll saw and I just kind of tinker with making things. In the beginning of my new "toy", I was quite crude in my attempts at art. I had come a long way and during the holidays this past Christmas, I had made some gifts from scrap wood on my scroll saw. I was shocked and flattered when I was asked to make a piece of art for a co-worker of Lisa's. I was absolutely befuddled when she wanted to know how much I would charge. In a nutshell, two people were happy over this, Lisa's friend had a work of art, and I had some extra money. I have now been asked to make an artistic birdhouse, which I will begin after writing this post. I never seriously thought of this tool as a means to make any money.

The point is, what are you good at, and yet you don't see the value in that talent? Are you good at sewing? Cooking? Arranging? Wood? Metal? Teaching? And through the internet, you can greatly expand talent beyond your local area.

Just like the original colonists, when we rely on each other, the support, the value exchange, the harmony will overcome mere survival and will allow us all to thrive.

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