Monday, March 23, 2009

Prosperity is here today

There's a goldmine between your ears. That's an old saying that I just made up. But what if it was true? How do you mine something so intangible as the going ons of your mind? There are a myriad of books on prosperity, movies like The Secret, seminars, courses and more to help give you the tools to delve into your mental storehouse of riches.

Do you ever wonder sometimes if some of the current prosperity books are like a watered down not totally accurate way of acheiving success? We played a game as kids called Chinese Telephone. We would have a number of us kids lined up and the first would whisper something in the next kid's ear and then this kid would pass along the message to the next in line. This would continue on until the last kid would have to repeat the original message. We would all laugh on how distorted the message ended up. I makes me wonder why the world is in such economic turmoil with all the prosperity messages out there.

If we were to fall back to the original ideas on prosperity, would we come up with a different how-to list? Napoleon Hill's classic Think And Grow Rich is considered the heavy weight in terms of success and acheivement. Yet, where did his ideas come from? Who were his contemporaries and can additional information be gleaned from them?

There is a resource available where you can get the writings of many authors relating to prosperity and acheivement. Authors including Napoleon Hill, Thomas Troward, Ernest Holmes, Wallace Wattles, Charles Fillmore, Ralph Waldo Trine, James Allen, Florence Scovil Shinn, and more. 39 total books to give you the power tools to mine the gold inside of you and create your part of the world the way that you would like it to be created.

Ron Peer has compiled this collection for you to enjoy. Click Here to access your collection and to read how Ron has used the tools in these books to become a writer of plays and screen plays.

"Get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire - you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away." -- Denis Waitley

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