Sunday, February 8, 2009

Easily meditate your way to a better life

Meditation doesn't come easily to me. Growing up, my family didn't get involved with such "cultish" behavior such as meditation. At this stage of my life, I look for things that help me achieve a spiritual and mental balance which produces a peace and happiness on the inside. I've gotten to the point of being able to meditate for about 5 minutes now, and that is quite a leap.

Something that has been very helpful to me is what I call mini-meditations. I can't settle down and be still for a half hour, so I quiet my mind and still myself for a minute or two throughout my day. That has been very helpful in keeping a sense of calm and balance when the storms of life blow in. I feel much more connected to something much larger than all humanity through meditation, and I am very grateful that my life has gone down this path.

If you are new to meditation or find life just getting in the way and not having the time to meditate, there are numerous programs available from Effective Learning Systems. I put on a CD and the gentle relaxing voice-over and soft music allow me to go to sleep almost instantly. I went through a period of incredibly high anxiety, and these CD's helped to ease my mind and get a good nights sleep. Over time, my attitude began to change as well, and balance is returning to my mind.

With titles ranging from business success, to stop smoking, to weight loss, to being more positive, Effective Learning System can help you break out of patterns that are repeating in your life, freeing you to be what you always dreamed you could be.

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