Thursday, February 12, 2009

Attraction, Inspiration, Healing, and Love

What happens when the Law of Attraction is governed by the Law of Love? We are vibrational beings constantly emitting and attracting things in accord with our vibration. Should we be so in tuned with Love, how would our Attraction change?

Lisa had a doctors appointment and the news was quite painful to bear. Seems medication is going to be her close companion for the rest of her life. She is a Registered Nurse, however, over the past several years has been coming more in tune with holistic healing. The words from the doctor regarding her illness, ulcerative colitis, possibly Crohn's Disease, and his approach to dealing with the illness, brought Lisa down quickly and dramatically.

That evening, we watched "You can heal your life", a movie from Louise Hay. We were quite inspired and uplifted to hear of others who had healed themselves from illnesses or other life circumstances. I don't know if we can get to a point where Lisa's illness will completely disappear. I do know that her ability to love herself will have a dramatic impact on the severity of this challenge.

From an observational standpoint, what a great place to be in. To be in a place of weakness and to see the power of the universe displayed through her body. It's funny to think that a few short years ago I did not believe miracles occurred, and now I expect one.

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